How to assign a new thread for a multiple parameter function

25. January 2013

We can use Lambda expression in order to pass a multiple parameter function to a thread .

Thread MailThread = new Thread(() => StartSendMail(Email, VerificationCode));

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How to check which port is open on Remote Machine

22. January 2013

These two links below explains how we can use a utility called Portqry to determine whether a specific port or range of ports opened on Remote Machine or not .



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Check whether your Processor Support SLAT for running Windows Phone 8 Emulator

21. January 2013

This is a good post which explains thoroughly how to check whether your processor support SLAT .

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Using Vmware 8.0 as Virtual Machine server

12. January 2013

Its a very nice blog which explains how to set a VMware containing machine to act as server for VMware 8.0 .