How to host your own Web Server using your Desktop Machine with Dynamic IP Address using

30. November 2012

The simplest process i came across while searching for a way to host my own website on my own server without getting in hassles of choosing web hosting service was

All you have to do is register for the free service there and you will get an email with the steps to follow with a client software which you have to install on your machine. After that you will have to configure your ADSL Router ( if you are using it to access internet ) to forward port number 80 to the ip address of your machine which is going to be a web server . And you are done now the client software you installed will automatically update the IP in DNS server of and you can access your site with

<your site name >

this kind of domain is given when you use free package and there is also an option to pay and use your own domain but i haven't checked that yet . So enjoy and Host your site with a dynamic IP !

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