How to Compare Schema or Data of two Database Created in MS SQL SERVER 2008 using Visual Studio 2010

30. November 2012

During my work i encounter this problem of different versions of Database one on my local development machine and one on my web hosting server . Now to check whether they are same or not i searched a bit and found a way to do so . 

All you need is a Visual Studio 2010 ultimate / Premium - you can check here which version can do this thing

Steps you have to go through - 

1. Open the VS 2010 and add both the databases in Server Explorer under Data Connections . 

2. Right click on the primary DB you want to compare to with the secondary one and click on Compare Schema/Compare Data which ever you want to do . 

3. Next a new popup window will open and it will ask you to set the primary database and secondary database . Click OK after selecting appropriately . 

4. A new Tab will open and your schema/data will be compared with all the description as in what is equal and what is not . 


MSSQL 2008

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