How to check the handled Exceptions during debug ? in Visual Studio 2019

10. May 2020

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How to check which exception is firing even when it is handled in code using Visual Studio 2019


I have thrown an exception in my privacy action as below code shows

throw new NotImplementedException();


Run the web application in Debug mode.

Now when i goto privacy action in browser nothing happens as the thrown exception has been caught in my code . Suppose you want to check all the exceptions who are caught and handled during the runtime then what will you do .

Open the Exceptions Settings Window in Bottom of Visual Studio 2019 when application is running.

Now check the Common Language Runtime Exceptions Checkbox .


Load the privacy action again in browser , this time you will see the exception thrown and execution breaking the code line of throw new NotImplementedException();



By this method you can check all the exceptions thrown in a large project even when they are handled .

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