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SSL disabled on domain so that HTTP request should serve website and yet HTTPS shows Plesk Panel Login Page

6. July 2020

Problem -

I have disabled SSL on a domain in plesk panel so that only http request should be served , but what happens is http request serves the website i have hosted on the domain but when request with https protocols are raised then a plesk panel login page is shown . This behavior is not required instead it should return 404 or 500 error on https requests . 


Searched on Google with queries - 

plesk https disable give 500 or 404

https disable plesk panel domain redirect to plesk login

disable https plesk panel completely 

how do i disable https on my webserver using plesk ?


Answer - After searching i did not find anything so head back to plesk panel and searched into its settings and found out the solution . This solution is for plesk panel version - Plesk Obsidian Web Pro Edition Version 18.0.27 Update #1


1. Goto plesk panel General Settings -> Customize Plesk URL



2. On this page select the o Custom URL option



3. Save 


Now when you try and open the HTTPS page of domain on which SSL is disabled then the plesk panel login page won't open and only can't reach this page error will be shown on browser . 


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