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17. June 2014

I am a GoDaddy customer and I'm incredibly frustrated with the Plesk platform. GoDaddy no longer offers its former Windows hosting platform, which I had finally learned to use. With Plesk I am very much lost again.

My current problem has to do with an incredibly simple ASP page that simply writes out the values it receives from another HTML file with a form on it. The form posts 3 values and the ASP page is supposed to write them out. This file WORKS on my old Godaddy Windows accounts that do not use Plesk. It works on 3 non-plesk sites. It does not work on 3 plesk sites. so the thing in common here is clearly Plesk. It seems somehow that something is stripping off POSTED header information. The ASP runs - there are no errors. It simply doesn't retrieve any values and if I ask it to write the number of Request.Form.Count items, it spits out zero. 

What setting do I need to change? Or did I need to leave GoDaddy and find a host that doesn't use Plesk?

By the way, Godaddy support won't help me.

Also by the way, I'm not sure which version of Plesk Godaddy is using


I purchased this ultimate windows hosting from godaddy which comes with plesk panel and i am trying to run an MVC 4 application in which a simple post to a page with form values is not working . On the destination page Request.Form["values"] doesnot work it is empty and doesnot read any form values . 

Apart this frustrating problem to top it all godaddy has removed email ticketing system for support and there is hell lot of waiting time on phone support , i couldn't get through there waiting time till now . I guess i made a mistake by investing my money in it . Shame on it .

Anuj Chauhan

After nine hours of banging my head against a wall trying to figure this out and soliciting the paid help of another .NET developer, I finally did figure this out. It may not be your issue, but it fixed mine.

Go to your Godaddy administration.
go to WEb Hosting
Launch your particular site.
Go to Hosting Settings
Near the top of the page there's a dropdown for Preferred Domain. the default choice, "domain.tld", redirects incoming www urls to this url and the redirect strips off header information. Change the setting in the dropdown to either www.domain.tld or "none".

This solved it for me. I hope it works for you as well.

Plesk sucks. Why would anyone choose something by default that strips off POST information?


Thanks a lot Tim i really appreciate your help , i also wasted my whole day searching on internet and 1 hour call to godaddy support who were clueless about what i was talking about exactly . These plesk guys should see this post and do the needful . 
Once again Thanks a lot , your solution worked like a charm .


OMG!!!! I actually wasn't sure if I would be able to help you. I'm so glad I did.

Yes, it would be nice if Plesk understood how AWFUL this stripping of POST information is. Non one seems to get it.

And believe me, I wrote six times to Godaddy support telling them that they should put this in their knowledge base and they kept replying that I should learn how to program or hire someone who knows what they were doing. Like it's all my fault. Unbelievable. What happened to "the customer is always right" or at least might have a valid point?

BTW, Godaddy still seems to have email support, but it's not available on their site. Somehow they contacted me!!!! It was shortly after I wrote this post, so maybe Godaddy was actually responding to my post or Plesk told them. Dunno. But in the end they acted like I was a bad programmer. 

Glad to help.



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